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My studio investigations are heavily influenced by my professional print production and technology roles, most recently in Big Data. I often experiment with digital entities and surface-driven materials that cause breakages in spatial logic. Given my hybrid background, this manifests as artworks varying in technical detail. These can include digital models, raspberry-pi controllers, LED lighting  and accompanying circuitry, and glass/plexi/metal/wood surfaces within constructed installations. 

Informed by my work experience, I explore the permeability of physical/digital boundaries through  positioning materiality as spectrum and interface. I’m primarily interested in how the intertwining/  subsequent entanglement of tactile to virtual transmissions both reopen and renegotiate spatial  relationships.  

By separating facets of materiality- color/image, surface, form, positioning, light- I perceive the  physical as fluid and examine resulting slippages between constructed and virtual realities. These experiments incorporate surfaces with a duality of clarity/opacity- including two-way mirrors, iridescent film, mesh, and applied gradation juxtaposed with illumination or projection of video or rendered space in room-scaled installations that immerse the viewer. Within my practice, I consider the omnipresence of the digital and how its overlay onto the physical world represents a new frontier.

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